Shown below: Acoustic Research AR4x Bookshelf Loudspeakers restored to factory specifications.

Audio Service & Restoration

Our unique service process is dedicated to ensuring your vintage turntables, amplifiers, speakers and tape decks look and perform their best

We service and "Restore As Original"tm 



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Mark Acoustics: Tech Hifi's product and service lab located within our store in Hanson, Massachusetts

Our unigue vintage audio component service & restoration process:

There is a very big difference between our approach vintage audio services versus our competition. As of 2022, we service select components manufactured since 1960 or 62 years! 

When a customer brings equipment into our lab we document your reported functional problems, supplied accessory items (where applicable) and note physical defects, missing knobs, etc. that occur to the components “journey thru time.”

Prior to service we perform both a physical and technical evaluation of your component(s) in our lab to determine cause of failure(s). Once completed, we'll send you a quote for parts and labor based on what is found for you to review. Should you find that the cost to repair is higher than expected we charge just $45 to cover a portion of the actual time spent. An average may take up to 90 minutes once it is on the service bench; no action is taken without your approval.

Once a service invoice is “approved” previously noted OEM or better parts are ordered and where required any additional troubleshooting commences. What many customers may not realize that aside from reported problems there may be underlying problems that may not be obvious until the new parts are replaced. 
A “real world” analogy; you bring your car into the mechanic for shock absorbers only to find out tie rod ends on the front suspension are worn.

Our guidelines are based upon original factory service documentation and put it simply; we do not rush service, make assumptions, replace parts in mass quantities known as “shot gunning” a repair or perform anything to damage or degrade a fine component. A common service approach to some companies and hobbyists because unknown to themselves it will negatively change the sound or performance of a component. Choice of OE grade or better electronic devices is the correct approach along with a fully equipped and “focused” service lab.

Testing and performance evaluation

During the “each” components service and evaluation; audio testing will average 3-5 hours. We have placed serviced components in our demo room playing music in the store for up to a week. We do this at no additional charge to ensure we “found and corrected” reported intermittent problems.

This takes extensive amounts of time to find and will negatively affect performance.

Components must pass our rigid performance standards prior to being packed and returned to you, our customer. 

At Tech Hifi, all replacement parts and labor performed are backed by our 
90 Day Performance Warranty.

Contact the Mark Acoustics Lab when

'...your circuits dead there's something wrong?!' 

No worries! We can repair and restore to give "life" back to your vintage audio components.