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Tech Hifi LLC  1 Liberty Street, Suite 2
Hanson, MA 02341-1127 USA

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About Our Company

Bridging the Past and Present - History & Modern Day Audio Excellence

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"Tech Hifi was born amid a fever for stereo equipment among college students in the 1960s as recordings multiplied and the technology to play them improved. Its hallmark — knowledgeable salespeople who could satisfy the comparison-shopping stereo connoisseur — helped propel its growth until it became one of the nation’s largest purveyors of consumer electronics, with more than 80 stores, mostly in the Northeast, including more than a dozen in and around New York City. A recession and competition from discount retailers forced it out of business in the mid-1980s."

-New York Times 11.26.08

About Our Company


As technology and the internet evolved. The local "Hifi" brick and mortar stores began to disappear. Audiophiles were left either to purchase equipment on the web or thru larger department stores. 

In 2010, we saw the need for the re-emergence of a Hifi store based on the concepts of the original company. Tech Hifi LLC today is under the ownership of Mark Kruger located at 1 Liberty Street, Suite 2, Hanson, MA

What We Offer

Two MIT students start selling audio equipment out of their dorm rooms. They turn this business into the original Tech Hifi location.


By the mid 70's the original Tech Hifi grows to 80 locations across the east coast and as far west as Michigan.


The original Tech Hifi files for Bankruptcy. All locations shut down permanently.


Tech Hifi re-launches as an audio restoration business under the current ownership of Mark Kruger, a fan of the original company.


Tech Hifi moves to its current location at 1 Liberty Street in Hanson MA.


Ortofon & U-turn Audio become the first new products sold in Tech Hifi


Opening our first showroom, Tech Hifi becomes a full retail store for audio equipment & accessories.


Strawberries Records launches as a full fledged record store on April 21st



Top-Notch Products

As authorized dealers of over 10 prestigious brands, we pride ourselves in audio excellence. At Tech Hifi, we don't just sell audio equipment; we provide unparalleled sonic satisfaction, backed by the reputation and precision of the brands we proudly represent.

Vintage Audio Restoration

The Mark Acoustics Lab is our fully equipped in-house service lab. Over the past 11+ years we've developed specialized techniques to make your equipment sound and look like new! We stand behind our service with a 90 Day "Performance Warranty".

Commitment to Quality

Good customer service is a tradition that transcends time. From the personalized assistance reminiscent of the golden era of HiFi shops to the modern conveniences that make your experience seamless, our customer service is a bridge between the best of both worlds.

One-Stop Shop Experience

Whether you seek cutting-edge stereo equipment, the latest in home theater innovation, or a diverse vinyl collection, we've crafted a one-stop shop where quality meets convenience. If you need something in the world of audio, we probably have it!

What We Offer

Bob Fushi


Nancy Gill


Dave LaCivita


Michael McHugh

Sales, Record Department Head

Eric Visser

Sales Manager

Mark Kruger

Owner, CEO

Our Team

New York Times on 11-26-08
Boston Voyager Magazine on 9-11-17

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