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Tech Hifi LLC  1 Liberty Street, Suite 2
Hanson, MA 02341-1127 USA

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How did you get the name Tech Hifi? Are you affiliated with the old store I used to go to?
    The original Tech Hifi company filed for bankruptcy in 1984. We were big fans of the original company and used to shop there a ton. We bought the name in 2010 and have all the rights to the name, logo, branding etc. We are not technically affiliated with the original company but think of what we do as a marriage of many of the ideas of the original company with a modern twist! For a full history of the company, check out the About Us page!
  • Will you work on my item?
    The Mark Acoustics Lab specializes in restoring vintage audio components from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Here's a list of some components we do not service: - automatic turntables: Dual, Garrard and others - open reel decks: our calibration tapes are delaminating making them unusable and won't be replaced at this time due to high cost. - physical or water damaged, smoke contamination, modified and/or improperly serviced components - console stereos - car stereo components ​- home theater receivers - flat screen televisions - VCR, DVD, Blu-ray or laser disc players - jukeboxes - portable audio devices and electronics of any brand or type - professional audio equipment - Manufacturers we do not service: Bose, Cambridge SoundWorks powered speakers and components and many other manufacturers who do not supply documentation and parts to aftermarket service labs. Ask for details.
  • Will you buy my equipment or do trade ins?
    The short answer is no. We have a warehouse full of top-notch vintage pieces already awaiting restoration. If you think you have something truly unique or special, you can always still ask us! If you're looking to sell locally, Facebook Marketplace is a great resource. You can always meet at a local police station if safety around an expensive item is a concern. If you have something high end and are willing to ship, is the online audiophile marketplace we'd reccommend.
  • What is your return policy?
    New Equipment: We offer a full refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase; exceptions may apply. Equipment must be in “new or as received” condition and contain box, all packing materials, warranty cards, supplied documentation, manuals, remote control(s) and all accessories. Restocking fee or missing item fee may apply. New Vinyl: We offer exchanges for same title, if no longer available refund will be given in store credit only. Used Vinyl: Exchange for same title or store credit only.
  • What is your warranty?
    For New Products: Every new product comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, terms and conditions applies. Consult supplied documentation for details. New equipment warranties or service is supplied by the respective manufacturer. On Mark Acoustics Restored as Original (RAO) Products: Tech Hifi LLC warranties all parts and labor for a period of 90 days from date of customer pickup and reserve the right to repair as required or exchange / upgrade for equivalent make and model. ALL packing materials, supplied documentation and accessories must be returned at time of exchange. Speaker driver(s) warranty voided for burned or physically damaged voice coils and/or crossover components.
  • What is the Mark Acoustics Lab Service and Restoration Rate?
    Our lab rate is $125.00 per hour*; There is a Returned Check Fee: $25.00 We also have a deposit fee of $125 which gets credited towards your end bill.
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Tech Hifi LLC reserves the right to change these terms without notice.
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