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Tributaries T8 is an 8-outlet power strip with surge suppression & noise filtration. For ease in connecting standard AC plugs and “space-hogging” wall-wart type power supplies, the Tributaries T8 power strips have been designed with outlets that rotate to give you more room. The fixed outlets have safety shutters to prohibit objects falling in the receptacle and shorting the power strip when not in use. Each Power Strip is packaged with a mounting diagram and hardware to make installation a breeze. To protect your valuable equipment, Tributaries Power Strips have been engineered with the patented X3 MOV. The X3 MOV is the most advanced MOV available in today’s surge technology. It is capable of suppressing more energy and dissipates heat faster. Tributaries Power Strips feature active filters to keep external noise from contaminating your electronics performance. Everything in a home with a motor or micro-processor generates background electronic noise. By greatly reducing this noise your electronics will yield significant performance improvements including increased dynamic range, reduced harshness and low level details that were previously masked by noise.

The T8 has a six foot power cable and comes with a mounting diagram and hardware